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2. Testimonials


Rachel helped me focus on what is most important to me, and hold that as a guiding principle in decisions. Through skillful questions, facilitation and exercises, she heightened my awareness of my strengths, weaknesses and what I wanted to cultivate in my daily professional and personal life.

I emerged from our 10 sessions with a clear articulation of my career goals, specific job scenarios and professional objectives which made my search focused and effective. Through her  warmth, keen insights and guidance, the journey was a delightful experience.

Martha S. Campbell

Vice President for Programs

The James Irvine Foundation

Rachel’s coaching was so helpful!  She was able to help me sort through all of my emotions and ideas around changing careers, and then form a practical action plan and timeline.

I left our meetings feeling motivated and like I finally had a sense of direction.  I would recommend her to anyone trying to decide their next career move.

Eryn, Oakland, CA


Through philanthropy coaching, Rachel helped me renew my enthusiasm for my long term philanthropic projects, and understand the need to let go of others. Working towards clarity in this area was particularly urgent for me and it was a very fruitful time of exploration. Rachel’s experience in the nonprofit world and sensitivity, ease and common understanding around giving issues was a complete and rare bonus.  I benefited greatly from our warm, open, fun, and results-oriented coaching relationship.

Letitia Momirov

Marra Foundation


Thanks to Rachel’s coaching, I have deepened and strengthened my leadership of a $31 million international grantmaking program. Her assistance in planning my actions and responses has been invaluable. I feel a cumulative effect of our 7 months together that is being noticed by direct reports, board members and consultants alike: after handling a particularly challenging situation with ease and professionalism, a colleague said, “Your management coach gets an A!”

Kate Kroeger

Director of Grants

American Jewish World Service

As a leader in our organization, Rachel has ensured we are all working together as a cohesive whole toward a common goal, that tasks and roles are clearly delineated and defined, and that we all have what we need to do our work well.  She models professionalism and good communication, which has always been characterized by openness, clarity, and transparency. I specifically appreciate that Rachel takes the time to not only understand my strengths and weaknesses, but also to help me, in a productive and gentle way, to understand them myself as well so I may grow and improve.

Annie Wilkinson

Development Officer

Global Fund for Women

Rachel is the consummate motivational leader, who helps her team keep a laser-like focus on its goals. As a result she consistently achieves excellent outcomes that meet organizational goals and objectives. I observed Rachel step up and take the lead during a very difficult transition in management. She lead people according to their particular level and skill set, so that each person received the level of direction and coaching needed. Rachel was a mentor to many and kept spirits high at all times.  She inspired everyone around her and ultimately motivated everyone to perform at higher levels. I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough!

Nancy Deyo

Former Vice President of Communications

Global Fund for Women


As a facilitator, Rachel is adept at striking a balance between relationships and results. Ensuring that everybody’s voice gets heard while making progress toward desired outcomes isn’t easy, but Rachel has an intuitive ability to do just that. Her balanced facilitation style ensures that decisions are reached in a collaborative, supportive environment that strengthens interpersonal relationships in the process.

Kelly McVicker

Development Officer

Global Fund for Women

Life Coaching:

I began to work with Rachel while in the process of healing from a difficult illness and wondering what to do next with my life. Together we worked through my desires, my fears and my hopes for a new life after my illness.

Before I knew it, I was taking action and seemingly intractable issues began to resolve and reframe into a positive light. I now feel very grounded in the areas I wanted to renew – the creative, the spiritual, and my chosen work in the world. I have to credit working with Rachel as my coach with setting me on the path.

Letitia Momirov

San Francisco, CA

I have had the pleasure and honor of having Rachel as my Life Coach for almost a year in which time my continued personal and professional growth was reviewed, planned and executed with such skill, sense of adventure and self-empowerment… all because I had the trained talent and the gifted support of Rachel’s life coaching style. With her intuitively timed questions I was able to dig deep into my heart’s desire for my intentions and desired outcome. What a VALUABLE opportunity to create and live the life of my dreams! I highly recommend Rachel as a Life Coach!

Kathleen Krupar


Health Enhancement Inc

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