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Meditation on Patience

August 7, 2009

I have a longstanding habit of letting my attention latch on to something in the fiercest of ways. For example, when my wireless isn’t working, I simply refuse to focus on anything but fixing it, whether or not I actually needed to get online. At times the fixation borders on a temper tantrum.

On Wednesday, I requested my template and hosting company to launch my shiny new website, which they say can be done in 24 hours. Nearly 60 hours since my request, and a few follow up inquiries as well, I’ve not heard a peep from them.

What an opportunity for practice. Instead of obsessively checking my email and cursing them all day, I’ve been able to develop a new awareness when I start those old habits. I’m still doing them, but catching myself sooner, and more often. I’m aware that I have a choice as to what kind of a day I want to have, and that my fretting and frustration really isn’t helping me get what I want, either in terms of a stress-free day or a shiny new website.

My mother always said “it takes the same amount of time to be happy as it does to be sad.” I always hated it when she said that. Turns out she’s onto something there.

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